British Bakels Gluten Free White Bread Mix 300 g

White bread mix
Soft texture, just like normal bread
Allergen free

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Coconut Wraps – Low Carbohydrate & Sugar – Grain Free Bread/Tortilla Alternative – Healthy, Easy & Safe

Coconut wraps – the perfect bread or tortilla food alternative. Made with 2 pure ingredients of young coconut (water and meat) and Himalayan salt for a convenient healthy bread or tortilla food alternative. Other coconut wraps do not use salt and have a waxy/plastic feel and lack good taste.
The Pure Wraps are best when eaten at room temperature. Enjoy these grain free and starch free wraps whenever you need to make a health conscious choice.
These edible wraps are strong and flexible. Made only of young coconut (which includes coconut oil) and Himalayan salt. These wraps can be used as a Mexican tortilla or fajita, or bread substitute to compliment your delicious food without you feeling guilty of eating too many carbohydrates that make you feel slow and heavy.

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Gluten free shortcrust pastry mix

Gluten free
Easy to use

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GLUTEN FREE VEGAN White Artisan-Style Bread Mix, Dairy free, Non GMO | Tapioca, Potato, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Rice bran, Ground flax seeds | Suitable for Coeliacs, Vegans and lactose intolerance sufferers

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan
WHAT IS ALEVRA GLUTEN FREE BREAD MIX? Our fabulous Gluten Free artisan bread mix is not only really simple to make (Only requires Water, Olive oil and salt!), tastes fantastic and delivers a great textured loaf.
WHAT IS IN OUR BREAD MIX? Our bread mix contains, Tapioca, Potato, Rice, Maize, Rice bran and yeast. So It is 100% Gluten Free, 100% vegan and Dairy free

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Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder | 100 gr. or 200 gr. | Premium Quality Matcha Tea From Japan | Use for Tea, Cooking, Baking and Smoothie Making | Flavour Protection Container | VEGAN and ORGANIC by Vegavero

ORGANIC: Our Matcha is 100% vegan, organic and natural, with no added additives or flavourings. It is organically cultivated from the Kagoshima area in Japan, bringing you our customers only the finest of produce. Certifications available on request.
EASY TO MIX: Vegavero organic whole leaf Matcha is a fine powder that mixes extremely easy and is lump free. It’s an ideal alternative to coffee that helps improve your mood and concentration, and boost metabolism to help your burn those extra few calories.
VERSATILITY: The earthy flavour of Matcha has become a staple for inventive recipes, adding personality and dimension to dishes. Our Japanese Matcha Tea is best for drinking, however it can be added to smoothies, cooking, lattes and in baking to create some uniquely tasting treats.

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